Practice Areas

Contested Divorce:
Most divorces filed in Kentucky are contested. Even if the parties agree on multiple issues, if at least one issue is left unresolved, then the case is considered contested. Many courts require the parties to attend mediation prior to appearing before the judge on the ultimate issues. While mediation is successful in a majority of contested cases, you want an attorney who has experience in pursuing a divorce case through trial. Ms. Kinberger has experience in informal negotiations, mediation, and divorce trials, and she will aggressively defend your property and parental rights throughout the process.

Uncontested Divorce:
In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on the division of marital property and debt and, if they have children, the custody of, parenting time with, and support of those children. An uncontested divorce is far less stressful, time consuming, and costly than a traditional contested divorce. Ms. Kinberger can quickly prepare all of the documents required for the divorce after a single consultation, and neither party need ever appear in court.

Child Custody and Parenting Time:
Child custody and parenting time are perhaps the most highly volatile areas of family law. While both parties fight to convince the other or a judge they are in the right, the best interests of the children can become an afterthought. After a thorough discussion of the specifics of your situation, Ms. Kinberger will advise you on the most effective course of action in your case. This could mean mediation, appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem for the children, an issue-focused custodial evaluation, or a full hearing before the judge. Ms. Kinberger understands the strain these proceedings can put on a person, and she treats each client with the compassion and understanding he or she deserves.

Child Support:
Kentucky has specific guidelines for the determination of child support, but the ultimate order can be affected by parenting time schedules and other circumstances. You want an experienced attorney who will explore all aspects of the child support calculation to present the best case possible to the court.

Grandparent’s Rights:
The Kentucky State Legislature has granted grandparents special status to seek visitation with their grandchildren, even over the objection of the natural parents. If you have developed a strong bond with your grandchildren, but they are being withheld from you by one or both of their parents, please contact Ms. Kinberger to discuss your options. Few things bring greater joy to a person’s life than grandchildren. Ms. Kinberger can prepare a Petition for Grandparent’s Rights for you and lead you through the litigation process.

Domestic Violence:
When seeking or after being served with an Emergency Protection Order (“EPO”), many people do not understand their rights or the EPO process. Ms. Kinberger will walk you through each step, including the hearing to request or defend against the issuance of a domestic violence order (“DVO”). Ms. Kinberger represents clients on both sides of the EPO/DVO process and can help you protect yourself and your rights.

Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse:
Child Protective Services provides an invaluable service to the community-at-large. However, if you are involved in a dependency, neglect, and abuse action, you want an attorney who will fight to protect your rights as well as guide you through the litigation process. Ms. Kinberger has represented parents in dependency, neglect, and abuse actions across the state. She will work with other court officials as well as social workers to develop strategies to serve the best interests of her client and successfully close out the case. Whether a petition has just been filed against you, or you are in the middle of a case that seems to be going nowhere, Ms. Kinberger is ready to help.